Get a quick glimpse of everything you need to know for the upcoming Alumni Mega Reunion if you graduated during the 1990s - from what's playing at your decade party to who you'll be sharing a hall with.

What's changed since you left.

  • The addition of the new Maugans Alumni Center

  • There's not a road in the middle of campus anymore - stroll down Brock Commons as you take in all of campus
  • We said goodbye to Cunningham Hall, and hello to new construction of Upchurch University Center
  • Willett Hall held some of the Nation's biggest influencers as we held the 2016 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate
  • Student housing expanded in a big way - adding three apartment communities, and two brand new residence halls 
  • Academics are still the focus - new buildings like Chichester Hall (Science), and CSTAC (Communications and Theatre)
  • Campus is now home to 12 sororities and 9 fraterninties from CPC, IFC, and NPHC councils
  • Lankford is pretty similar as to you recall, now with unique dining experiences like an Einstein Bagel and sushi bar
  • Stubbs Hall is now fully air conditioned and renovated, and French Hall now serves as our IT Center and Broadcast Studio
  • Both CHI and Princeps secret societies still exist and continue to promote the Longwood spirit
  • Students grab a bite to eat in the Dorrill Dining Hall - complete with a brick pizza oven
  • Fall 2017 will introduce a brand new core curriculum, instilling the same ideals of citizen leadership that remained true on campus during the 90's.

Celebrate the 90s!


Catch a shuttle from campus or your area hotel to The Longwood Sports Complex to party like it's the 1990's! Enjoy keg beer in a party cup and enjoy live music from Vinyl Headlights, complete with food stations and an open bar. 

*We want everyone to have a safe and worry-free evening so please catch one of the shuttles to the Cabin and Longwood Sports Complex. There will be NO parking onsite.

Make sure you’re a part of Longwood’s very first Mega Reunion starting Friday June 2nd - 4th.

The weekend will be jam packed with fun events, old classmates, and new memories being made. We can’t wait to see you there!


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