A Living-Learning Experience at Longwood University

"The greatest thing I gained out of being a member of the Compass Community is not only the many opportunities I had to be exposed to different situations, people, and majors in order to help my passion but also the set of friendships I made that are sure to last a lifetime."

-Kevin Karsner, Class of 2015

The Compass Community is an opportunity for undeclared students to explore majors, meet and live with new students, participate in programs and outings, make connections with faculty and staff, and be part of a rigorous academic experience!

Why Should I Apply?

  • Make connections with other undeclared students who are part of The Compass Community at Orientation
  • Live in Cox Hall with your Compass Community cohort
  • Work toward six General Education goals while exploring different majors and involvement opportunities
  • Take classes designated specifically for you and your cohort
  • Take part in retreats, outings, programs and activities
  • Develop close relationships with faculty, staff, Peer Mentors and RAs
  • Be a part of a unique and exciting Longwood experience

Am I Eligible To Apply?

Applicants to The Compass Community must meet the following requirements: 

  • Must be a full-time, residential first-year student entering Longwood in Fall 2017
  • Cannot be admitted into the 12 Community or Honors Program
  • Cannot be enrolling with AP/Dual Enrollment credits that fulfill the English 150 requirement (please contact us with questions if you are still interested)
  • Must graduate high school with a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Must complete the online application and submit strong essays
  • Deadline to apply is Friday, June 2

"I would encourage undeclared students to apply because Compass allows you to explore every major out there with other students who are in the same situation. Compass taught me about majors I had never heard of before and without it I would have never found the major I have now decided to declare."

- Kelsey Monk, Class of 2016

Compass Community Courses

Fall 2017

  • LSEM 100: Longwood Seminar (1 credit, Goal 1)
  • ENGL 150: Writing and Research (3 credits, Goal 2)
  • HIST 100: Foundations of Western Civilization (3 credits, Goal 7)

Spring 2018

  • SOCL 102: Contemporary Social Problems (3 credits, Goal 8)
  • ENGL 203: American Literature (3 credits, Goal 3)
  • GNED 261: The Power of Water (4 credits, Goal 6)

Students will complete their schedules for each semester with courses of their choosing. Typically a student registers for 12-15 credit hours each semester.