At Longwood August means...

Fresh Faces

For many students, it’s a return home. For others, a new beginning.

New Lancer Days

Fresh Faces
Big Welcomes

Alumni open the doors to their cities for their newest members.

Regional Events

Big Welcomes
Back in the Classroom

A new semester brings new ways to challenge your mind.

Academic Support

Back in the Classroom
The Greatest Athletics March Ever

It’s not a scarf. It’s *the* scarf. Only available to marchers.

The G.A.M.E.

The Greatest Athletics March Ever


Lauren Johnson ’21 is one of just a few freshman students ever chosen for Longwood’s highly competitive summer research program.
Lauren Johnson ’21, a chemistry major, is the youngest Longwood student participating in PRISM this summer.

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Jordan Berkompas '20 (right) with Dr. Tom Wears, associate professor of mathematics
Matrices and Differentials and Derivatives, oh my! Honors student explores alternate geometries in PRISM summer research

Trying to explain what Jordan Berkompas '20 is studying this summer with her faculty mentor involves tossing out everything most people know about geometry and how it works.

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After nearly two years of preparation, Longwood set a new bar for what universities can achieve in hosting a debate.

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Members of the Longwood family are spread far and wide, but stay connected through reunions and innovative partnerships with current Lancers.

Alumni & Friends


When the scarves wave, Lancer pride soars. And when we rock Willett Hall during home games, it’s an experience no one will forget.