Scholarship. Service. Community.

Scholarship. Service. Community.

If you're looking to challenge yourself in these directions, we can help you get ahead.

We offer challenging courses and a degree with honors, but that's only one facet of the program. You'll also earn early registration, scholarships and study abroad opportunities exclusive to Honors students.

You'll live and learn together. Many of our students choose to live in Wheeler Hall, an Honors-only residence. You may help out at Westmoreland County's Hull Springs Farm, or keep a garden outside Wheeler to benefit local food pantries.

If you're trying to challenge yourself in your studies and personal life, college is your time to seize that opportunity.


  • Cormier Honors College Welcomes Largest Class Ever

    On August 14th 2017, 96 Honors Freshmen will move in and participate in the Cormier Honors College (CHC) Leadership Retreat that focuses on the CHC's three pillars: Scholarship, Service and Community.

    Honors Class of 2020